Cluster Resources

The Storrs HPC cluster is comprised of multiple generations of Intel Xeon-based server platforms, interconnected with a parallel file system, all backed by a high-speed low-latency Infiniband fabric. The cluster nodes run a Linux operating system, along with hundreds of scientific computing applications.

Compute Specifications

CPU Cores 6,328
CPU Architecture Intel Xeon x64
Total RAM 33TB
Interconnect FDR Infiniband
Shared Storage 1PB Parallel Storage
Accelerators NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi
Operating System Linux (Red Hat)
Peak Performance 250 Teraflops
Campus Connection 20Gbps Ethernet

Data Storage Options

The Storrs HPC cluster has a number of data storage options to meet various needs. There is a high-speed scratch file system, which allows parallel file writing from all compute nodes. All users also get a persistent home directory, and groups of users can request private shared folders. Once data is no longer needed for computation, it should be transferred off of the cluster to a permanent data storage location. To meet this need, the university offers a data archival service that features over three petabytes of capacity. Data transfer to permanent locations should be done via the web-based Globus service.

For more information about data storage options, please refer to our Data Storage Guide.